Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chrismas Blessings

Our first Christmas in Nebraska was pretty great!!! Santa visited us this year so we must have been good kids!!! For dinner we had the Missionaries over, and Jeremy, Jenny, Matthew, and Caleb Prestwich. The kids all played till about 9pm! They had a blast and we all enjoyed the food and company. We are so blessed this year. We are able to live with my parents and have Grandma and Grandpa around. They have been so generous to us and we will never be able to trully repay them. We have met some great people here and we have tons of loved ones elsewhere. I know that the Lord has a plan for us. He guides us each day and I am truly thankfully for the path he leads us on. Merry Christmas.
My Christmas card wall!!! Thanks friends and family for the beautiful cards! This is my favorite part of Christmas. I love to see the pictures and see what is going on with you all.
Grandpa, Elder Jones, Elder Heggie, Abbey, Me, Maddie, Mike and Grandma
Mike and Elder Jones
Elder Heggie, Jenny, Jeremy, Grandpa, and Grandma
Matthew, Abbey, Maddie, and Caleb. Cute huh?!?
Mike with his Harley Gear....Thanks Hunny!!!
Me in my Snow gear...Thanks Hunny!!
Mike's first Lincoln, NE Harley shirt....Thanks Grandma!!
Maddie with her Glow worm...Thanks Auntie Kristy!!
Abbey with her Littlest Pet Shop...Thanks Hunny!!
Grandma in her Christmas Jammies

Santa's been here!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Saw Grandma Kissing Santa Clause

Last night was our Church Christmas Party. We had lots of fun and Santa Came to visit. My mom REALLY enjoyed Santa!!!! Maddie and I thought he was pretty neat too! Mike and Abbey were delivering his work Dump Truck to Grand Island were his boss lives, so they missed the party. Abbey was a bit bummed that she missed Santa, but she got to see goats, horses, a donkey, dogs and cats at the Otto's home (Mike's boss). So tonight we took to the girls to the Mall (Santa said he'd be there tonight) and got their picture taken. They were so cute, they love Santa and Abbey told him she wanted Barbies and a Castle for Christmas.
Naughty Grandma!!!
Nice Grandma

Mommy, Maddie and Gra...Santa Wow!!!! I totally look like my mom!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My apple

When I have the Schafer kids Abbey, Joe and Hannah do a project while Maddie naps. They look forward to it all day long...well except poor Maddie who wants to be a big kid too! So yesterday we decorated a Christmas tree with stickers I was helping Abbey and Hannah take the backs off the stickers and giving the stickers to them and then, I looked at what Abbey was doing with her tree. Oh the pride! The excitement! The JOY!!! This is the Best Christmas Present anyone could have ever given me. Abbey was sorting her stickers and placing them together in a pattern...who does that remind you of???? Her OCD Mom of course!!!! I love to group things, have them match and be organized. I've seen her do this before but in a smaller scale. When Mike leaves the silverware drawer a bit open, she runs by it and closes it without a thought. When Mike or my mom put a pink sippy cup lid on her purple cup she asks "why you do dat?" So now I can see that she might not look just like me, but the apple does not fall far from the tree. Abigail Mae Scarlett December 16, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Snow day

On wednesday this past week we got out first real snow in Lincoln!!! It snowed during the night and in the morning this is what we woke up too! The girls were so excited they wanted to go and make a "no man"(snowman).

Abbey in her snow Gear
Maddie in her snow gear. She loved the beanie so much she wore it to dinner!
Abbey, Maddie, Joe and Hanna playing in the front yard

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winter Quarters

Saturday was Mikes last day of the Fall Quarter for School. So we all decided to go to Omaha with him that morning. We dropped him off to take his last test and my parents the kids and I went to Breakfast while we waited. Then we headed to see the Temple. We went to see the Winter Quarters temple. I had forgotten why it was called "winter quarters". Well, as the pioneers traveled from Navoo, they stopped here in Nebraska, in Omaha and stayed for the winter. HOLY NIGHT!!! Nebraska is cold!!! Not a very comfy place to cozy on up to in the Winter. But this is where they stayed. We went through the visitors center and they showed the covered wagons that were pulled, the clothes that the pioneers wore, a little cabin that would house sometimes fifteen people!!! They went through so much! We also saw the cemetery next to the Temple. The sister missionary said that most of the people buried there are children under the age of 3. I wanted to cry. I looked at my two little ones and was so grateful for the times that i live in. I am also so grateful to my parents for letting us live here with them. It was a great family day!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a shade of red

I started my own business! I am pretty excited. I have a friend, Sarah who does vinyl work in Cali and I absolutley love it! So out here I thought well why not! So I've made a few signs and I signed up to show my stuff at a craft show on December 6th. So I've been working to fill this booth! It's a 10x10 and it's for 2 days. I am excited and so stressed, but in a good way. If you want to see more stuff I have a new Blog .

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our new friend Johanna

Yesterday we watched some children from the ward, they also live down the street. Kim their Mom is one of my Visiting Teachers and a new friend. Kim has 6 kids and her two youngest are the ones we watched their names are Joe and Hanna. Abbey calls them Johanna. I guess there is no time to waste when you're playing so might as well cut out the "and". We had so much fun. I was very worried because Abbey is very possessive of "her" toys. We talked about them visiting and playing with her toys and how it is nice to share with friends that visit. I was just worried that it hadn't sunken in. So Wednesday Joe and Hannah came over and let me just tell you, it was heaven. Hannah and Abbey are the same age they were so cute. Abbey pulled Hannah right over to her dress up box, she said I'm going to be Aurora and you can be Cinderella. WOW I was shocked! NOBODY and I mean nobody can touch Cinderella! Auntie Mastissa (Melissa) gave her that! She even let her wear the crown and...the glass slippers. I was so proud. Joe is 5 and he decided that he wanted to play to so he dressed up too. When I called his name he let me know that he was not Joe...he was now Josephina. I think Maddie has a little crush on Joe because she followed him around all morning! We are so glad that Johanna will be back next week, we can't wait for more fun :0)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

For Halloween this year we found this really cute Strawberry costume for Maddie. So I thought Abbey could go as Strawberry Shortcake. Easy right? Not so much! The Strawberry Shortcake I grew up with was super easy to make as a costume, but his new one has such a weird hat. We looked and looked and finally found a new Strawberry Shortcake costume online for only $27.00. I was going to order it when my Mom said that I could make it for so much cheaper. Well I totally fought her on it and then decided she was probably right. So I ordered the pattern, $6.75, then spent a whole day at Jo'anns and Hancock fabric getting the perfect fabric, $27.65, plus the Rolo candy that Abbey opened and started eating while I was paying! Man, it cost more to make it and I wasn't even making the pants!!!!! So now I was out $34.40 and I still had to make the dang on thing. I was so mad! Well I did it, I made her shirt and hat ALL BY MYSELF! I am so happy and I thanked my Mom for forcing me to make this costume. We had a great Halloween, it was a beautiful day. We went to trunk or treat at the Church and then came home and went trick or treating with new friends, Kevin, Nicole and Noah Smith. We had fun and the kids were all pooped out at the end of the night.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My first Tag

Husband tag
1-WHAT IS YOUR HUSBANDS NAME? Michael Jayson Scarlett
5 - WHO IS TALLER? He is
6 - WHO CAN SING BEST? I think he can but I bet he'd say he can't
7 - WHO IS SMARTER? Me on book stuff, Him on useful stuff
10 - WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED? Him I think...which way is the right side of the bed?
11 - WHO MOWS THE LAWN? My dad's lawn guy :)
12 - WHO COOKS DINNER? I do most of the time. Except for Sundays when he BBQ's.
13 - WHO IS THE FIRST TO ADMIT THEY"RE WRONG? Usually him, only cause I cry.
14 - WHO KISSED WHO FIRST? We kissed each other on my couch.
15 - WHO WEARS THE PANTS? He does but I pick them out:)

I tag Candy, Susan and Staci

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

He's at it again

In California Mike was a big fan of KCAL (96.7) the radio station. He loved the music but what he really loved was that he could call up every 30 days and and win something. The last thing he won was the 6 Disneyland tickets we used to go to there with the family this past Summer. Well he's at it again, he has found a new radio station here in Nebraska. The station is KTGL (the eagle 92.9). He called up and won tickects to a local pumpkin farm. But, Vala's Farm is no ordinary pumpkin patch. Oh no, this place was HUGE!!! It is 152 acres of scary excitment. It had Haunted houses, a Storyland, Pumpkin launching (my favorite), Petting zoo's, a graveyard, play areas and so, so much more. They also had a Hayride to the pumpkin patch were you could pick your pumpkin right off the vine. Thanks KTGL you're our new favorite radio station!!!