Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winter Quarters

Saturday was Mikes last day of the Fall Quarter for School. So we all decided to go to Omaha with him that morning. We dropped him off to take his last test and my parents the kids and I went to Breakfast while we waited. Then we headed to see the Temple. We went to see the Winter Quarters temple. I had forgotten why it was called "winter quarters". Well, as the pioneers traveled from Navoo, they stopped here in Nebraska, in Omaha and stayed for the winter. HOLY NIGHT!!! Nebraska is cold!!! Not a very comfy place to cozy on up to in the Winter. But this is where they stayed. We went through the visitors center and they showed the covered wagons that were pulled, the clothes that the pioneers wore, a little cabin that would house sometimes fifteen people!!! They went through so much! We also saw the cemetery next to the Temple. The sister missionary said that most of the people buried there are children under the age of 3. I wanted to cry. I looked at my two little ones and was so grateful for the times that i live in. I am also so grateful to my parents for letting us live here with them. It was a great family day!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a shade of red

I started my own business! I am pretty excited. I have a friend, Sarah who does vinyl work in Cali and I absolutley love it! So out here I thought well why not! So I've made a few signs and I signed up to show my stuff at a craft show on December 6th. So I've been working to fill this booth! It's a 10x10 and it's for 2 days. I am excited and so stressed, but in a good way. If you want to see more stuff I have a new Blog http://ashadeofred.blogspot.com/ .

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our new friend Johanna

Yesterday we watched some children from the ward, they also live down the street. Kim their Mom is one of my Visiting Teachers and a new friend. Kim has 6 kids and her two youngest are the ones we watched their names are Joe and Hanna. Abbey calls them Johanna. I guess there is no time to waste when you're playing so might as well cut out the "and". We had so much fun. I was very worried because Abbey is very possessive of "her" toys. We talked about them visiting and playing with her toys and how it is nice to share with friends that visit. I was just worried that it hadn't sunken in. So Wednesday Joe and Hannah came over and let me just tell you, it was heaven. Hannah and Abbey are the same age they were so cute. Abbey pulled Hannah right over to her dress up box, she said I'm going to be Aurora and you can be Cinderella. WOW I was shocked! NOBODY and I mean nobody can touch Cinderella! Auntie Mastissa (Melissa) gave her that! She even let her wear the crown and...the glass slippers. I was so proud. Joe is 5 and he decided that he wanted to play to so he dressed up too. When I called his name he let me know that he was not Joe...he was now Josephina. I think Maddie has a little crush on Joe because she followed him around all morning! We are so glad that Johanna will be back next week, we can't wait for more fun :0)