Tuesday, August 19, 2008

He loves me this much

Friday my last day of work, Mike came to my office for a visit and then asked me to walk outside with him. He had just brought me a chocolate shake so I really didn't want to. I wanted to drink my shake, but I walked out with him anyway. He told me that he had bought us tickets to see WICKED!!! At the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. I was so excited! We went with our good friend Randy and we got to meet his girlfriend Janna. We clicked right away and had so much fun. We had matinee tickets so we left a little early and went to lunch in Hollywood. Then we saw the play and it was amazing. Mike enjoyed it too, which really made me happy :) I loved the story line and the way it worked into and around the Wizard of Oz. I also loved the songs. Then we walked down Hollywood Blvd. We went to the Hollywood Wax Museum, Manns Chinese Theatre, and then for dinner we went to the Geisha House. It was so much fun! Then when we were walking back to our car we saw that there was a red carpet event going on. So we stood around with the papparazzi and we got to see Neil Patrick Harris (aka Doogie Howser), Katherine Heigel, Bi Ling, Tia Tequilla, and Antonio Sabato Jr. What a great ending to a perfect day!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We are moving

Wow! What a month. Mike and I have decided to move to Nebraska and live with my parents. As most of you know, we had to close down our Concrete Business and are now in the process of short selling our home. We have really begun to struggle and have decided that moving to live with my parents for a short time will be the best for our family. Mike will still be able to attend school and we will be living in their basement which is the same square footage as the house. So we will have some privacy :)
We have been packing and getting the house ready and while all that has been going on our little ballerina has performed at a recital. She was so cute. The girls in her class are all 2-3 and they all performed to the Lion King's, "I just can't wait to be King." They were so cute and I personally think they were the best performance that day!! My Mom brought my niece Kyra and she had a blast watching her "friend". Hunny, Mike's Grandma came too, then we all went to celebrate at Don Jose's. We had such a blast. I just have to Thank my friend Sarah for watching Maddie...I got to watch the whole show with no interruptions!!!
In preparations for the move we have put Abbey in a "big girl" bed (a twin bed) and gave Maddie the Toddler bed. The picture is Maddie passed out on her first night in bed. She loves being able to crawl in and out of her own bed.