Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mike's graduation

Mike now has his AAS!!!! For two years straight he drove to Omaha ITT Tech(it's like driving to Temecula for all you Cali's) 3 days a week after working full time, sometimes working 50-60 hrs a week. He got his degree in Visual Communication and he is focusing on Graphic Design. This is his passion, his one true love (other than me of course!!) He graduated with Highest Honors for his grades...note the yellow cords. Then as a big surprise to Mike and all of us he was also inducted in to Alpha Beta Kappa which "means recognition and praise for those who have worked valiantly and successfully in one or more fields of the applied arts and sciences."

Mike and His Grandma
My Parents

Mike walking to his seat

Getting his diploma

The Graduate!

What a stud!!!

Now he is attending Bellevue University and working on a accelerated program to get his BS degree in Market Management. He will be done with this degree in May 2011.

Thanks for the hard work baby, we love you and support you!

Sophie's blessing day

The Blessing Circle Men, from left to right, Tim Porter, Bishop Cody Hollist, (daddy) Mike Scarlett and the princess, (grandpa) Bob Katz, Kevin Smith, and Ted Rodewald.
Being away from family it's nice that we have been able to rely on close friends. Tim and Kevin are in the Young Mens Presidency with Mike. Ted Rodewald and is family are close family friends, I call him Mike's Bromance. They can talk for hours and have a bunch in common. Right now they are working together at La Grande Excavation.
Mom and Dad
Hunny came from California to see Sophie on her special day
Grandma and Grandpa

Sophie's 1 month

Sophie is 1 month and my oh my has she grown. She is very strong and is able to lift her head. she is 50 percentile for her head, weight and height! She is my good little girl. She is sleeping about 6 hrs during the night. She is very calm and very patient. Good thing 'cause her sisters aren't :)