Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Abbey the School Girl

Abbey had her first day of Preschool Today!!! She was so excited and we counted down the days.

When I applied for her to go I was told that not all the kids that apply would get in. I was really hoping she would be able to go. I am babysitting a little boy whose parents also signed him up and we were hoping that they could go together. On August 1st I got a letter that said Abbey was not accepted. We were bummed :( Tanner the little boy did get in and would be going to the morning class. I was trying to figure out how I was going to explain to Abbey that she would not be going to school, but Tanner was going. Then a week latter we got another letter from the School. SHE GOT IN!!! She was in the Afternoon class. Honestly I wanted her in the morning class so that she could come home and go straight to a nap....hee hee. A couple of days later we got a call from her new teacher and she asked if we could move Abbey from the afternoon class to the morning class because another student needed the afternoon class. I was so excited!!! This was perfect. Both her and Tanner could ride the bus home together, and then on to naps :)
Abbey this morning already to go. (We had a crazy summer storm and it was pouring outside)
Abbey in the Hall at School
Abbey walking with her class, that's Tanner in the Cars backpack
Her class room
Her cubby
At the end of the day. Abbey and Tanner getting dropped off.