Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cooking with Grandma

Tonight after dinner, my mom said she wanted to make cookies with the girls. How fun!!!!
Mixing Ingredients
It was too hard to stir with the spoon so they used their hands
Getting ready for the oven
Are they done yet???
Thanks Grandma....what fun!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My baby is 2

Today is Maddie's 2nd birthday!!!!! I can't believe she is already 2! She is such a bright little girl. She speaks in full sentences and sings lots of songs. She loves baby dolls and likes to play "mommy". She is such an attitudey little girl (she reminds me of me :) and knows just what to do to get what she wants. She loves to copy Abbey and repeat any and everything that she says...it's kind of cute and Abbey doesn't seem to mind.

Saturday my mom bought us tickets to the Shrine Circus here in Lincoln. The girls LOVED it!

Here we are on an Elephant!!!! Oh My Goodness, I am on top of an ELEPHANT!

Maddie in Heaven, eating cotton candy.Abbey and Daddy loving it up
All pooped out...what a fun day!
Sunday, today Maddie's Birthday. Grandma bought the new dresses for church....soooooo adorable!!!
Maddie got this Barbie phone from Auntie Grandma ( my Mom's sister), it lights up and talks and she LOVES it!
Abbey got in on the action and got a Cinderella doll for the tub
Kissing Elmo
Grandma and Grandpa got her this great Tricycle. It is a rocking horse, a tricycle with a handle and you can remove the handle when she gets older. What a great idea!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Abbey's first Primary Activity

Today Abbey went to her first Primary Activity. The Activity was about the Prophets and about General Conference that is coming up. She started off in the Primary room with a lesson then moved to another room to make a booklet that she can color and draw on during General Conference. Then dessert!!!
Abbey listening to the lesson with her friend Cara
Abbey Coloring next to Gabby
Maddie got in on the coloring and cutting action too! Dessert with Gretchen and Hannah...YUM!

The Ballerina is Back

Abbey has started Ballet class again. She was so excited, she asked every day to go to ballet. So we found a rec. center here in Lincoln that taught dance. We made paper chains and each day Abbey got to pull a chain until the first day of ballet. She loved counting down the days and would tell anyone who would listen, "3 more days...i pull the chain then 3 more days till ballet!" The class is wonderful! I have to say I am very suprised and very impressed!!! I was a bit bummed to have to sign her up at a rec. center instead of a dance studio, but money is very tight, and ballet is ballet...right? So we signed her up and let me just tell you, that the teacher is wonderful. The studio they dance in has a bar and the room is huge!!!! There are maybe 10-12 little girls all Abbey's age in the class. All the girls are so cute and seem so excited to be dancing. They are being taught the names of positions and bends and jumps and do a lot of creative learning with the dance moves. Here are some pictures and videos of Abbey dancing. Doesn"t she look adorable????

Thursday, March 12, 2009

4 years and counting

Today Mike and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary. Saturday we went on a date to celebrate. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant (yeah! we FINALLY found a good Mexican restaurant in Lincoln...El Toro) and went to the movies (Paul Blart mall cop...soooooo funny!) We had a good time just being together. I am so lucky to have married a such a wonderful man! Today he was off work. He took the girls out all day so that I could work on my crafts (I am in a craft show on Saturday) and tired them out so much they were asleep by 7pm!!! Then he took off to school. What a stud!!! I love you Baby, Happy Anniversary!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our first visitor

Friday night we had our first out of town guest! Natasha, Mike's cousin was driving from Michigan to California and stopped in for a short visit. Mike made BBQ drummetts and we had a great dinner with her. The girls had fun with her friend Sam's son who was with them. Michael, Sam's son is 18 months and the girls had fun running around the house with him. It was nice to have family over. Thanks Natasha, Sam and Michael for stopping in :)
Mike and Natasha
Maddie, Natasha, and Abbey
Maddie took this picture of Natasha and Abbey
Abbey took this picture of Natasha and Maddie