Friday, May 21, 2010

Did you have a Mama?

Yesterday, Mike and the girls went to the Library and rented The Jungle Book movie. After they got home, they sat down to watch the movie and
Mike said to Abbey, "you know, I used it watch this movie when I was a little boy."

Abbey turned to him and said, "Did you have a Mama?"

Mike - "yeah I had a Mama."

Abbey -"where is your Mama now?"

Mike - "she's with Heavenly Father now."

Abbey - "why is she with Heavenly Father?"

Mike - "cause she had a bad heart."

Abbey - "where is your Daddy?"

Mike - "I don't know."

Abbey - "is he with Heavenly Father too?"

Mike - "nah, I don't know where he is"

Abbey - paused and looked at Mike with a blank stare and asked, " Well how did you go places?"

Mike - "I had Hunny (Mike's Grandmother), Hunny was my Mom and Dad. Hunny bought me clothes and bought me food and took me to school, Hunny is my Grandma"

Abbey - "oh" now satisfied :)

Patricia Scarlett, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Great Grandma. Our "Hunny"

Friday, May 14, 2010

Family updates

Well it seems as though March, April and a bit of May have just flown by. So much has happened that I haven't been able to keep up!

In March Maddie turned 3. She is so glad to be 3 and tells everyone she sees that she is 3!!! She also insists on getting everything in 3's, 3 kisses, 3 candies, 3 songs, etc. Let's hope this doesn't continue as she gets older. It could get so expensive!

Abbey helping to make Maddie's Cake

Mike and I had out 5 year anniversary on March 12th. We wanted to have an extra special and expensive anniversary but due to reality we had a wonderful time right here in Lincoln. We had sushi and saw a Alice in Wonderland in 3D.

I turned the big 3-5 in April. It's all down hill form here :) Mike surprised me by having my mom take the girls overnight. We again had Sushi and the went to a movie. We saw Date Night. It was so funny, if you haven't seen this movie YOU HAVE TO! We stayed out till 11:30 and didn't have to hurry home to a sitter!!! Then we slept in till 10am!!! Ahhhhh!

In April we put Abbey and Maddie in Gymnastics. They had fun tumbling and walking on their toes and practicing cartwheels. Their favorite move was the Candle Stick. You put both hands on top on your head palm to palm and hop until you reach the end of the strip.
Their last day was May 8th we signed them up for another session, since it was such a success!

For Easter this year we met up with some friends from church and had a little Easter egg hunt at Pioneers Park.

Abbey is getting ready to graduated from preschool and move on to Kindergarten. Her teacher says that she is well prepared for Kindergarten. We asked Ms. Summer what we should work on with her and they said nothing she knows all she needs to. So we are working on teaching her to tie her shoes. Ms Summer said that she is the only one in the class that after counting 12 items, if you then ask her how many items are there she says 12. I was like duh...but Ms Summer says this is a big deal cause all the other kids will start counting the items again and then say 12. My little genius :)

Mike is finishing up he 2nd to last quarter at school. He starts his last quarter on June 7th...YAY!!! Now starts the job search!!!

We are also expecting! We should have a brand new Scarlett Girl by September 1st. That's right, you read it correctly, ANOTHER GIRL!!! The girls are excited and are always kissing my tummy. Abbey asks me EVERYDAY, "how many more days till the baby is all grown and comes out of your tummy??"

Here's some fun that Mike and girls had recently, at a safety show in Lincoln:

Abbey?? oh no a true Scarlett after all!
Abbey escaping from a pretend "smoke house"