Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mike's graduation

Mike now has his AAS!!!! For two years straight he drove to Omaha ITT Tech(it's like driving to Temecula for all you Cali's) 3 days a week after working full time, sometimes working 50-60 hrs a week. He got his degree in Visual Communication and he is focusing on Graphic Design. This is his passion, his one true love (other than me of course!!) He graduated with Highest Honors for his grades...note the yellow cords. Then as a big surprise to Mike and all of us he was also inducted in to Alpha Beta Kappa which "means recognition and praise for those who have worked valiantly and successfully in one or more fields of the applied arts and sciences."

Mike and His Grandma
My Parents

Mike walking to his seat

Getting his diploma

The Graduate!

What a stud!!!

Now he is attending Bellevue University and working on a accelerated program to get his BS degree in Market Management. He will be done with this degree in May 2011.

Thanks for the hard work baby, we love you and support you!

Sophie's blessing day

The Blessing Circle Men, from left to right, Tim Porter, Bishop Cody Hollist, (daddy) Mike Scarlett and the princess, (grandpa) Bob Katz, Kevin Smith, and Ted Rodewald.
Being away from family it's nice that we have been able to rely on close friends. Tim and Kevin are in the Young Mens Presidency with Mike. Ted Rodewald and is family are close family friends, I call him Mike's Bromance. They can talk for hours and have a bunch in common. Right now they are working together at La Grande Excavation.
Mom and Dad
Hunny came from California to see Sophie on her special day
Grandma and Grandpa

Sophie's 1 month

Sophie is 1 month and my oh my has she grown. She is very strong and is able to lift her head. she is 50 percentile for her head, weight and height! She is my good little girl. She is sleeping about 6 hrs during the night. She is very calm and very patient. Good thing 'cause her sisters aren't :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sophia Jean

After the amneo, I felt a lot of pressure in back for the rest of the day. Mike and I went to bed at about 10:30 on the 18th and that's when the contractions started. Well I was not going to have another false alarm, so I ignored the contractions and went to sleep. I was up every twenty minutes in massive pain, having some major contractions that night. Since they weren't 5 minutes apart waited till it was time to go to the hospital at 5am on August 19th. We got to the hospital and I could barely walk! The contractions were now 5-10 minutes apart and way painful. They got me to a room and I told the nurse that I wanted an epidural whenever I could have one. So she checked my and said, "you might want that epidural now" I was like why? How far dilated am I? She said a 6!!!! dang! No wonder it hurt so much :) I went to Bryan LGH East and let me just say what a great delivery and stay I had. The Anestegeologist was there with in 20 minutes and he hooked me up! My last to deliveries were at Riverside General in Riverside, CA. They weren't horrible experiences but nothing like this one.
Dr. Lovegrove came in a bit later and broke my water and said I was at an 8. I flattened out at 8 so they gave me a bit of petocin and I shot to a 10. I started pushing at 9:55 am and Sophia Jean Scarlett was born at 10:46am, she was 8lbs exactly and 20 inches long.

My Parents brought Abbey and Maddie over that evening. The girls had waited so long for their new sister and she was finally here! My Mom said that Abbey didn't want to go to school that day. She told my Mom that she was sick. My Mom said why are you sick? Abbey said because I want to see the baby. Abbey, the big sister
Maddie, the big little sister Sophie, the little sister
Mike and his girls
Sophie's first bath, at the hospital...She is truly Mike's girl :)
Ahhhhh all clean

The Scarlett Girls
Getting ready to go home My Mom and the girls made us this great banner :)
Maddie feeding Sophie
Abbey's turn!
check out those lashes!!!
Sophie is a very good baby. She wiggles and whines a bit when she's hungry. But she is never demanding. If it's not time for a bottle I'll hold her or pat her and she'll go back to sleep or just hang out. She only wakes at night to eat and then goes back to sleep. If you know all the hoops I jumped through dealing with Abbey and Maddie, all of the crying, them and me, then you will appreciate how great it is to have a low maintenance baby. We are blessed to have this little love in our lives.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So my baby's in Kindergarten, today was her first day and it was very exciting. Last night Mike gave her a blessing. He explained to her that he would give her a blessing so that she would have Jesus with her at school. This way she would be comforted and have a good day. When she woke up this morning she smiled and said "Mommy today is my first day of school!!" She was so excited. Mike packed her a lunch and gave her a dollar for a drink and we all got ready and walked her to school. Her teacher is Mrs "K" and she seems real sweet and nice. Abbey loves her already. She is attending Arnold Elementary School, which is the same school that she went to for preschool last year. Kindergarten in Lincoln is all day. They start at 9am and end at 3:38pm. So it's a long day for my baby. This week they will end early and end the day at 2:38. After my amneo, I wasn't up for picking her up. So Mike and Maddie went to pick her up. When she got home she showed me her change from her lunch and some work that she had done today. I gave her a big hug and said "I am so proud of you, you were so brave today and you weren't scared at all to go to school" (some kids were bawling). She said "Jesus was with me." I said "was Jesus with you because Daddy gave you a blessing?" As she walked away she said "yup Jesus was with me all day so I wasn't scared. It was fun."

My Tummy

So this is my 3rd pregnancy, and it's been quite a 9 months! After my miscarriage last year I have been scared to share the pregnancy.

So here's my story. In December Mike and I talked about how we'd love to have medical insurance. I thought, well why can't I see if i could get a job that had benefits. So I put in a bunch of applications and got an interview with Nelnet. They are a student loan company. My interview was for collections! I guess I fit the collector role and I was hired!!! I week later I found I was PREGNANT!

Mike changed his schedule as a tow truck driver and watched the girls during the day, and worked at night. My first day of training was Monday, January 4th and I loved everything I was learning, when on Friday I started feeling hot and sweaty, my pants were too tight and i just wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep. That's when the morning sickness started. For the next month and a half I spent ALOT of time getting to know the Nelnet restroom, while I was trying to be a model employee. My hours of work were 11am-8pm. I was told if you worked real hard you could get a morning shift, So I worked overtime, signed up for extra hours like working on holidays and Saturdays, and didn't miss a day...even if I was puking my brains out on my breaks. In February Mike quit his job so that he could focus on his last quarter of school and more on the girls during the day.

Mean while I had met with my Doctor, for the baby. When I was suppose to be 11 weeks, I first met with her and she listened for a heart beat. Couldn't find one (immediately I thought I had had another miscarriage). So she scheduled an ultrasound for that thursday. They found a heart beat and decided that the baby was only 9 weeks along not 11weeks. Yay! Baby #3 was healthy and looking good...just a little younger than we thought :) The doc talked to me about my age and how I would be 35 by the time the baby was born and asked if I wouldn't mind seeing a specialist to run some tests to make sure that the baby would be born with nothing wrong. I figured better safe then sorry, lets do it. So I met with a doctor at Bryan LGH, whom we fell in love with! The tests they run requires the baby to be in a certain spot at a certain angle so that they can test the fold at the back of her neck. Of course my baby would not cooperate! After the 3rd appointment they got the perfect reading. After the test came back all looked perfect. I was due to come back at around 20weeks for more tests and to find out the sex of the baby. Meanwhile my doc and I discussed my family history and because of that and the fact that I am overweight and would be 35 at the time of delivery, she wanted me to do a glucose test at 17 weeks...I FAILED the one hour. So I took the 3 hour test...and FAILED! I had gestational diabetes! So I got hooked with a nutritionist who helped me to see what I could and couldn't eat, and do. AND I had to prick my finger 4 times a day, and keep track of my readings so that I could report them back to the doc.

I went to the specialist appointment and all looked great with the baby...and we found out it's a girl!!! Sorry Mike! After that things seem to quiet down and bit and I started to grow (although I do need to brag that at the end of my pregnancy I have only gained 7 pounds!!!)

In June Mike decided to get his bachelor degree and continue school. He is enrolled at Bellevue University in an accelerated Marketing Management program, this will go perfect with his AAS in Graphic Design. So we had a talk again and decided to have him go back to work. He put in a couple of calls and that same day at the beginning of July got a call back from La Grande Excavating, they hired him as a Dump Truck Driver. This was tuesday and they wanted him to start that friday!!! Now we had to find a babysitter.

One of the girls from church came to watch the girls that friday and I left early to check out daycares. Well, it is so hard to find daycare! The good ones are way too expensive and the others are well, not the good ones. Also with my schedule of working till 8pm and Mike's job as a driver which is never a steady time off that was hard to find a daycare that was opened that late. What were we to do??? Mike loved his new job and I was still pretty happy at Nelnet, neither of us wanted to quit so now what? We decided to just have friends watch the girls until I went on Maternity leave and then we figure it out.

I was 8 months went I woke up one morning and felt contractions. I knew it was too early so I called my doc and she said to go into the labor and delivery. This was a wednesday close to the end of July. I got to l&d, they got me all hooked up to the machines to see the contractions and found that I wasn't having any. But I swear I was having pain in my pelvic area, the doc prescribed a medicine to "help me sleep" and said that it was just ligament pains. Turns out the medicine is also used for anxiety and stress. It really helped me to relax. Monday I went to see the doc for a regular appointment, and asked if she gave the meds because she thought I was stressed. She assured me it was just to help me relax and sleep. That's when I lost it...right there in her office. I started blubbering about daycare and the cost of insurance and how I was killing myself to stay in the top 20 at work so that I could get a morning shift. I told her I didn't know what to do and I figured out on my own that I was stressed beyond belief. She patted me on the back as I apologized for crying and told me to give myself a break, I was pregnant after all and I had a lot on my plate! I decided right then that I would quit my job and stay home with the girls. I put in my two weeks that very day.

After 3 non-stress tests to make sure the baby was doing OK and 3 ultra sounds everything looked great with the baby...BUT, She was 8lbs 3oz!!! Holy night. Abbey was 7lbs 4oz, Maddie was 6lbs 9oz. Over 8lbs??? Are you kidding me? Get this kid out now!!! They set up an appointment again with the same specialist as in the beginning to do an amniocentesis on August the 18th to make sure the baby's lungs were developed enough, and then I would be induced that night.

On August 16th I had a routine appointment with Dr. Lovegrove my OB as I sat waiting for her I kept having contractions. I told her and she checked me and found that I was thin and 2 1/2 cem dilated. She told me to go home and time the contractions, if they got to be 5 min apart to go into to l&d. I called Mike, he was on a job 1 hour away and had a flat on his dump truck. I told him not to rush but my contractions were 7 minutes apart and had been steady for 2 hours. I called my Mom and she said she would take the rest of the day off and come over. Mike got home and we decided to go on a family walk, maybe we could push these contractions along. After we got home we timed them again and they were 5 minutes apart. Mike and I left for the hospital, we kept timing the contractions and now they were 3-5 minutes apart. This was it!! The baby was coming all on her own no need for an amneo, no need for an induction!!! After 2 hours of sitting in labor and delivery again all hooked up, the contractions went from 5 and stayed steady at 7-8 minutes. They sent me home :( Now I had to rush home because I could still make it to Abbey's back to school night. Mike and I were way disappointed, but we got to meet Abbey's teacher and see her cute new Kindergarten room.

Today was Abbey's first day of school and we walked her to school (more to follow) then we took off to meet with Dr. Malee the specialist at Bryan. She did the amneo and everything went fine. The poke of the needle didn't even hurt. She sent me home and said she's call in the afternoon with the results. She called me and told me that the baby was cooked and well done!!! Since I am dilated and basically ready to go they are having me go into to Bryan LGH at 5am tomorrow tursday the 19th to start the induction.

Sophia Jean Scarlett should be here by tomorrow....lets hope.


This summer we joined the Y and enrolled Abbey and a bunch of different classes. The last class they too was Creative Movement. It's like a mini Ballet class. Abbey's been in ballet before but this was Maddie's first time. They were both great!!! Abbey takes learning very seriously and really got the movements down. Maddie loved it! She is very good at following directions and she was able to watch the teachers and follow the moves. These pictures are of their dance recital at the end of the session. Aren't they adorable!