Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So my baby's in Kindergarten, today was her first day and it was very exciting. Last night Mike gave her a blessing. He explained to her that he would give her a blessing so that she would have Jesus with her at school. This way she would be comforted and have a good day. When she woke up this morning she smiled and said "Mommy today is my first day of school!!" She was so excited. Mike packed her a lunch and gave her a dollar for a drink and we all got ready and walked her to school. Her teacher is Mrs "K" and she seems real sweet and nice. Abbey loves her already. She is attending Arnold Elementary School, which is the same school that she went to for preschool last year. Kindergarten in Lincoln is all day. They start at 9am and end at 3:38pm. So it's a long day for my baby. This week they will end early and end the day at 2:38. After my amneo, I wasn't up for picking her up. So Mike and Maddie went to pick her up. When she got home she showed me her change from her lunch and some work that she had done today. I gave her a big hug and said "I am so proud of you, you were so brave today and you weren't scared at all to go to school" (some kids were bawling). She said "Jesus was with me." I said "was Jesus with you because Daddy gave you a blessing?" As she walked away she said "yup Jesus was with me all day so I wasn't scared. It was fun."


melissa gargalis said...

Abbey is in kindergarten!!! Get out! They are too big Brenda.

Anonymous said...

Too the story about Jesus. Congrats Abby!!! Such a big girl.