Friday, September 11, 2009

Conversations with Abbey

Today after preschool, Abbey and Tanner were playing in her room. I went to put something in my room and this is what I heard:
Abbey: Here you go Tanner, this is for you (giving him a piece of paper)
Tanner: Thank you
Abbey: You're Welcome, do you want to give me a kiss?
Tanner: Yes

I bit later I pulled Abbey to the side to talk with her.
Me: Abbey did you kiss Tanner?
Abbey: Yes
Me: Well, maybe you shouldn't kiss Tanner.
Abbey: Why not? His lips are clean.
Me: Well you should only kiss your mommy and daddy and sister. When you get married like mommy and daddy got married then you can kiss your husband.
Abbey: It's ok if I kiss Tanner, but I'm not going to marry him!

Labor Day in Utah

This weekend we drove to Ogden, Utah. Mike's Sister Kristy and her kids live there and her oldest Makenzi was getting baptized. Kenzi ask Uncle Mike to baptize and confirm her.
Little Miss Kenzi
Uncle Mike and Kenzi
The Cousins, Kenzi (8), Sean (3), Maddie (2), Abbey (3)
The Cousins with Hunny (Mike's Grandma)
The Scarletts and Evans
Mike best friend Randy and Janna came up from Provo and Randy stood in the circle to confrim Kenzi
Mike and Hunny. Mike is very close with his Grandma. She raised him and they talk and text every day. She loves our girls so much and we are lucky to have her.
Mike was so overwelmed at the Baptism that he forgot all the words he was suppose to say. He was all choked up. It makes me love him even more when I see how much his family means to him and how important holding the priesthood is to him.
On Sunday we went to church with Kristy and her family. As we were sitting in Sacrament meeting the conductor announced that there was a new Missionary service couple that was serving at the ward. Their name was Zaugg. Mike's Grandma Pat leaned over and said to Mike, "when I was about Kenzi's age we had a Missionary by the name of Zaugg, wouldn't it be funny if that were him?" Later in the service Elder Zaugg got up to bare his Testimony. He talked about when he had first served his mission some years back in the Colorado Pueblo Mission. His first assignment had been to Colorado Springs!!! HE WAS THE SAME MISSIONARY!!! That was 60 years ago! Pat met up with him and his wife and He invited us all over to their home. We had a great time. We met their Daughter and her family who lived next door. He is an amazing man with a ton of great true stories. We stayed for about 4 HOURS! Then for the icing on the cake they served us Pear Pie and cookies and cream ice cream...yum yum!
We had such an amazing trip, that the 18 hrs it took to get home was no bother at all :)