Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mike's new job

MIKE HAS A JOB!!! Yeah our prayers are answered, he is working for a company that hauls different materials in Dumptrucks. He started yesterday. Right now they are working on the Highway here in Lincoln. They will be hauling mud (concrete) till the winter hits. Which is about the end of November. Then they will be working in Grand Island hauling feed to different farms all Winter. He is so happy and feels right at home. The video above is what he is does all day long. The big white machine on the left is filled with concrete, he pulls under it and they load up the truck. Then he pulls out and drives to where it needs to be dumped. He unloads and starts the process all over again, and again and again till the day is done.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nebraska here we come

So we've moved. Friday August 22, we packed up our house into 1 1/2 26 foot Penske trucks. Saturday we went over to my parents house and loaded the rest of the 26 foot truck. Then...we ran out of room! We had to go and rent a 14 foot U-haul for the rest of the stuff. So off we were, Mike leading with one Penske truck and trailer for our Fit, my dad in the middle with a U-haul and a trailer for my Mom's Corolla, and me following in the other Penske truck. We stopped in Vegas for the night. The next day we drove through Utah and stayed there. The next day we drove to Colorado, we visited and stayed with his Uncle Paul. Then the next day we made it to the west of Nebraska and entered Corn Country! I have never seen so much corn in my whole life!!! We stayed in North Platte for the night. Finally Wednesday we made it to Lincoln, Nebraska! Yeah!!! We live in "The Highlands." The neighborhood is very nice. All the homes are beautiful and well kept. The streets are all concrete and are very narrow. We have already met neighbors and gone to a small get together. Everyone is very friendly. It seems very family oriented here. When you look at the backyard, you can see all your neighbors backyards and more than half of the block has playsets and toys. In the evenings you'll see the block filled with children riding bikes, playing ball with Mom or Dad, having lemonade sales or just going for walks. There is a ton of things to do here with the kids. There seems to be a park on every corner, and libraries everywhere. We have gone to the state fair, two parks, the mall play area, and the children's museum. The weather has been perfect. The day we got here it was a bit humid. It stayed like that til Monday, then Monday it rained!!! Can you believe it??? Rain in August! After that, the weather changed. It has been probably in the high 60's low 70's and just lovely. I can totally handle this! Lets hope this lasts....from what I hear it won't, but hey a girl can dream right???

The Disneyland take over

On August 21st before we moved, my whole family went to Disneyland. Thats right, My Mom, Dad, Kent my brother his wife Liz, their children Kyra and Kory, My sister Melissa, her husband Ernie, their children EJ and Danny, Me, Mike, Abbey and Maddie. Yup, yup I know we're crazy right? Well Mike had won 6 free Disneyland tickets, the kids were free and well, we're moving away forever. It was a great day! The kids got see lots of Characters, we got to hang out, and Grandma and Grandpa had their entire family together.