Monday, March 8, 2010


My Maddie's is almost 3 and I thought I should record some of the cute things she says.

One day while shopping with Dad, Mike had to use the restroom. Maddie was sitting in the cart and didn't want to go into the bathroom. So Mike placed the cart up close to the opening and went inside. He could hear her as one of the Wal-mart Associates came over to talk with Maddie.
Maddie says, "My daddies going potty lady. Don't you take me lady, cause my daddy's in the potty." Mike and the Associate had a good laugh.

After a nap one day the covers had fallen a little and Mike was showing a bit of skin (on his back). Maddie says, "cover up! no one wants to see that Daddy!"

When we drive she reminds us to drive slow and only go if it's green. "Or else the police will stop you and take you away, then we won't have a Mommy or Daddy and we'll be all alone."

For her birthday this year I have promised her that we will take her to the mall to get our nails and toes painted by the "doctors there at the long as they don't poke me." (the nail tech use masks :) (and doctors give shots...pokes).

When Abbey doesn't share she tells her "remember my teacher said you have to share" (only Abbey the only on in school and it was here teacher that said that :)

When we are driving in the car she says, "put on the music...louder and put on a girl song" (She loves Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Kesha, Pink, etc.) She also knows tons of primary songs and can sing then to you without the music.

That little girl is something else she is 2 going on will I keep up?