Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Green Thumb

I have always wanted a Garden! So I tried this year for the first time and look what I got!!!
Tomato Plants

and Lettuce!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

California here we come

Nine months ago we moved from Riverside, California to Lincoln, Nebraska. This last week we went home to visit. We left Thursday night and drove straight through. Mike loves to drive, so he drove for 12 hrs and then we switched. I drove for an hour and then we switched again and he drove another 12 hrs. Okay so I'm weak and can't drive that long!!!! But I kept offering and he kept saying, "I'm good". We FINALLY got to Riverside, (we stayed with Mikes Grandma "Hunny") and this is what we were greeted with:
Saturday I went to a Baby Shower for my Sister in Law Liz. She is having a Girl!!! Yay! (I had so much fun I forgot to take pics) Then Mike, Me, My Sister Melissa, Our Friend Sarah, My Brother Kent, Liz, My Mom and My Dad went out for Sushi!
Sunday we went to church and saw all the old Ward. It was nice to see everyone again. Then we went to see Mike's Cousin Natasha and Bryan her husband. They are having a baby in October. Then we went to have dinner with Mike's cousin Mike and His wife Stacy. Mike and Stacy Belton are such fun. Mike drives a concrete truck and Stacy works in a Doctors office.
Monday I went to my friend Melissa's and hung out with her and my friend Sarah. We have all been friends since the Moreno Valley Singles ward so it's always cool to all get together and let the kids play. From left to right there is Dylan and Luke Gargalis, Trevor and Hollie Herdan and My girls. They all had so much fun and played all afternoon.
Then for dinner Mike's good friend Grant Winn came over
Tuesday we went to my Aunt's home. From the left, Kyra (my Brothers Daughter) Abbey, Maddie, Uncle Al, Auntie (or Auntie Grandma) Me, My Mom and Dad
Then we went to Downtown Disney
Maddie, Kyra, and Abbey at Build a Bear

Thanks Auntie Grandma
Checking out the pond
Daddy and Daughter how cute!!!
Tuesday night we took Hunny out to dinner at Don Jose's. YUMMY! For a belated Mother's Day gift. (guess I was having too much fun again...forgot to take pics)
Then we went over to our friends Candy and Joey Marcroft's home. They have an adorable 2 yr old Sariah. We had so much fun chating and the girls loved playing together.
Wednesday we ate In-N-Out for lunch. YES!!!!!! So good.
That Night we went to my Sisters home, EJ, Danny, Abbey and Maddie
The Kids beat up Mike

Me and my Sister Melissa
Danny, Maddie, EJ, Abbey
Thursday I Hung out with my Sister in Law, till my Brother got home. Then we went and got pictures taken of the kids. Here's my Brother Kent (he totally hates pictures) and My Sister in Law Liz.
Before the Pictures we ate at Hot Dog on a Stick and got these way cute hats for all the Kids. EJ 4 1/2, Maddie 2, Danny 3, Kory 2 1/2, Abbey 3 1/2, and Kyra 4
Friday we packed up and drove to Provo, Utah. We said good-bye to Hunny and were sad to leave her and all the good cooking and great hospitality. (Seriously if you want to have a great vacation and eat like a King...stay with Hunny) Abbey threw-up the ENTIRE drive and we got a Ticket in Beaver :( But we finally got to Utah and stayed with Mike's Best friend Randy and His Wife Janna. They are Pregnant and are due in December. Fun stuff coming their way :)
Mike and Randy
Saturday we had lunch in Provo with another of my Mo Val Singles ward friends. Jen and Sean Gallacher. They have a little cutie Carson.
Then we headed up to Ogden to hang with Mike's Sister Kristy and her two cuties Kenzi 7, Sean 2 1/2.
Kristy and Mike
Me and Kristy
We took off from Ogden, Utah at 9pm Saturday and headed home. Mike drove till about 2am and then we switched. I thought I could do it this time :) I guess not because I stopped and 3:30 and we got a hotel room in Laramie, Wyoming(don't tell any of the Scarlett's....it's a big no no, they are all drive truck :) We left Sunday Morning. On the way home we ran smack dab in the middle of a Hail Storm!!! Holy Night SCARY! So after what seemed like a Thousand hours and a Million honks from Truckers as Abbey and Maddie pumped their arms to "make that truck honk" we were home. I'm glad to say that Lincoln, Nebraska is my Home. Life here is slow. The people are friendly. There isn't so much traffic. Everything on the ground is green and the sky is blue. After 9 months of being home sick for California I think I got my fix. Nebraska is where I belong...for now :)