Monday, January 26, 2009

Surprise snow day

On Saturday, Mike surprised us by coming home early from work. So we decided to have a snow day!!!! Abbey was so excited because she got to use Grandma's snow disk. We took it in the front yard and Mike built a little hill from the snow he had shoveled off the driveway. That was fun, but then I remembered this little hill near us by the elementary school....Abbey and Maddie loved it and Mike and I even took and trip down the hill!!!

Maddie's turn...weeeeeeee
CHEESE!Abbey coming back up the hill, she is so happy. She could be in the snow all day!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Randy and Janna's Wedding

Two years ago on December 23 Mike and I and Abbey were sealed in the Redlands Temple. As Mike an I were driving Mike hit a pot hole and we got a flat tire. We made it to the bottom of the hill that the Redlands Temple is on. Randy, one of our closest friends was already waiting at the Temple. He was Mike's escort since it was his first time. (Randy had driven to Trona (near Las Vegas) to pick up his mom the day before and then driven back for our sealing. They were going to Vegas for Christmas.) Randy came down the hill and saved us! We made it to our sealing.

Last year on the same day as our anniversary we drove to Utah to attend a sealing at the Mt Tipanogas Temple. Our friends Jen and Sean were getting sealed to their son, whom they had adopted 6months earlier.

This year our friend Randy has met the women of his dreams and they were getting married in the Boise, ID temple! How cool to spend another anniversary for us at the Temple!! So we planned our trip. My mom was going to watch the girls and during the day when she was at work the Schafers would watch them everything was taken care of. We were set to take off from Omaha Dec 30th at 5:00am on Northwest Airlines. We arrived at the tickets line at 4:35am we were told that we were to late to check in and had missed our flight. The next flight available was at 2pm the next day!!! The sealing was at 10am!! I freaked and started to cry. The lady gave us the number to reservations and told us to check with them maybe they could find us something. They said the same thing. So Mike says "we'll drive". Crazy man that would take 18 or more hrs!!!! But we had no choice! Randy is very special to us. He has always been there for us and by all means we were going to be there for him!!! So we started driving, we were about 1/2 and hour from Lincoln (we had driven about 1 1/2hrs) when Mike woke me up. He said to call the reservations desk and see if we could fly out of another airport, we would just drive to that other airport...Brilliant man!!! I called and after talking to the lady it would cost us $800-$2000 to fly from anywhere else....but wait, did we want to fly out of Omaha today? YES!!! There was an open flight at 4:30pm today and would get us to Boise at 11pm that night. WOW! I told the lady I would kiss her if I could!!! We would miss the family dinner but we would be there tomorrow for the sealing and reception. So we got to the airport at 1:30...just in case we didn't want to miss this fight! We just hung out at the airport and waited for our flight. When we went through the metal detectors they pulled us aside and checked us real good! I guess were had been flagged at terrorist :) Finally we were on the plane. We made it to Boise. The sealing was beautiful. Janna was a gorgeous bride and Randy couldn't stop smiling. Mike and I had a fun time and even got to eat some great food :) Congrats to the Langhams we are so happy for you both!!!

We found a Fuddruckers!!!
Boise, Idaho Temple