Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I did it

Well I finally did it. I figured this Blog thing out. I've been wanting to start a Blog forever and can never find the time, and when I finally did my computer crashed!! So now all is better and here is my Blog..yeah!!!
Well we have been busy busy busy. Mike was able to sell both Concrete Trucks and we are officially out of the business of having your own business. Mike is working for Alpha Materials which is a Concrete delivery business. He is loving it. He is also attending ITT Tech and loving that as well. He is taking math, computer and art classes and is doing well in all three. Abbey is now in Ballet and she is so cute. She likes all her little ballerina friends and loves to march, march, march. She is in a recital in August and I just can't wait to see her little costume. Maddie is learning fast everyday. She copies everything she sees. She has recently been having little temper tantrums. She throws herself on the floor and rolls around screaming and crying...oh the drama! I am still working at Choice Transportation and am loving it. I also love my Mondays with the girls. We have been going to the library and seeing different shows. I think sometimes it's more fun for me then them!