Friday, July 31, 2009

Park Fun

This summer we have been doing lots of outdoor stuff! The weather is great. Since we moved into a new neighborhood, the girls and I have done a ton of walking to check it all out. We have a park nearby and are able to walk to it. The girls love it and I love getting them out of the house :)
Do you see Maddie at the top?? That little daredevil!
Here's Abbey, ever the Drama Queen, posing for me.

Maddie in a big girl swing

Abbey Swinging all by herself!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mike's 30

The big 3-0! Mikes Birthday is today he is 30. Finally he can't say that he is still in his 20's :) He loves to tease me and tell me that he is SO much younger than me. We celebrated on Friday as a family by taking him to a great BBQ place. It's called Parker Smokehouse. It was so good. We ordered a 2 person meal and after the 4 of us ate all that we could we took the rest home and had left overs on Saturday and Sunday...yes it was that big!!!! Then last night my mom watched the girls so that I could take Mike on a date. We went on a picnic to Pioneer Park. It was so nice to sit and talk just the two of us. It was a perfect day, perfect weather and perfect company :) Then of course you can't have a Birthday with out Ice Cream so we headed to dairy Queen to end the date. Ahhhhhh Delicious!
Happy Birthday my Love!!!